700Mbps Half Duplex Siklu 70Ghz Eband Point to Point Link

This particular model has a 700Mbps half-duplex capacity (350Mbps full duplex equivalent). This generally has a good amount of throughput for midsize businesses that do not require a full gigabit link between sites.

This operates on the 71-76Ghz frequency range and requires a light licence, which is a flat £50 per year fee to OFCOM. This registers your link on a roster of 70-80Ghz links and allows for protection against interference from other links that may cause disruption to your own link.

However, the nature of the technology also means that interference is unlikely, as the frequencies are transmitted at very narrow beam widths from the antenna (1 degree or less usually), so you can have 2 of these links installed side and they will not interfere with each other. The beams are so narrow, you can even install these with the beam paths criss-cross on top of each other with no interference issues.

These are useful when you are looking to deploy these in a heavily congested zone like a cuty centre or business park which has high 5Ghz presence.

For high availability, the range is Approx 1.5km with a 26cm dish, or 3km with a 60cm dish. If you have any enquiries regarding this solution, please give our technical team a call on 01202 612400.