Wireless Surveys

What is in a survey report?

  • Heat Maps of the coverage in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Photos of the access point locations
  • Access point locations marked on floor plans
  • Detailed spectrum analysis so looking for sources of interference that could play havoc with the network if not identified and steps put in place
  • Recommendations
  • Parts list
  • Summary

DigitalAir Wireless have four main types of wireless surveys, if you are not sure which survey you may need please give us a call:

New Network - Wireless Survey

You can't under estimate the importance of a WiFi site survey when it comes to properly implementing a new wireless network. To many wireless networks simply do not work as intended or under-perform, so that conducting a professional WiFi survey is essential to save your company both time and money.

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Health Check - Wireless Survey

Is your WiFi network under performing or causing you issues? Do you have interference, dropouts, poor throughput and connection issues? Our health check WiFi surveys are an invaluable tool in diagnosing problematic wireless networks and clearly defining a resolution to fixing any issues that are highlighted.

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Post Installation - Wireless Survey

A post installation WiFi survey is the ONLY way to confirm that you have the coverage that was originally designed for. 95% of wireless installations do not have a post installation WiFi survey to prove coverage and capacity. DigitalAir Wireless will always recommend a post installation WiFi survey to prove coverage and capacity.

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Outdoor - Wireless Survey

Outdoor wireless networks are much harder to design for so performing a survey is even more important. Our outdoor survey engineers have the ability to cover large outdoor areas and design to any size network.

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PtP Wireless Survey

Our surveys take variables as potential for line-of-sight propagation or the lack thereof, signal degradation due to ambient noise, environmental fade, encryption, and spectrum selection, among others

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