BYOD - Bring Your Own Device for WiFi Networks

In today's BYOD (bring-your-own-device) culture, there are now 3 times as many personal devices in your airspace than corporate devices. Making matters worse, authorized users need only their enterprise login credentials to connect their unapproved personal devices to your WPA2/802.1x secured networks without your knowledge or permission, exposing your network to security threats, malware, and data leakage.

Our BYOD  Solution delivers a superior solution to the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend: unified policy for secure access, an uncompromised user experience and simplified operations for IT. Flexible configuration options, integrated and validated by Cisco, help you to meet the needs of your customers reliably and profitably. The three core components of our BYOD solution is:

  1. Dynamic Pre-Shared Key - Per-user credentials with WPA2-Personal - the best of both worlds
  2. Zero-IT Activation - Easy, secure onboarding and auto-configuration of client devices
  3. Role-Based Access Control - Easy ways to manage user connectivity and network authorization.

How does Dynamic PSK work?
Dynamic PSK creates a unique 62-byte pre-shared key for each device. The PSK is used for network access as well as to create encryption keys, which are unique for each user. DPSKs can be created in bulk and manually distributed to users and devices, or the ZoneDirector can auto-configure devices with a DPSK when they connect to the network for the first time.

What is Zero-IT Activation?
Zero-IT Activation is a unique wireless onboarding feature that enables wireless users to securely access the network without IT staff intervention. Zero-IT works in concert with the DPSK solution, automatically creating and deploying DPSKs to valid users when they connect for the first time.

What are the benefits?

  • Zero-IT offers all of the security benefits of DPSK along with intuitive and flexible onboarding:
  • Zero touch wireless configuration of laptops and smart mobile devices
  • Support for iPad/iPhone, Android, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Vista, and 7, and Mobile/CE
  • One-time device configuration
  • Easy for IT staff to setup and maintain
  • Unique 62-byte pre-shared keys generated and automatically installed per device
  • Easily deactivated by IT staff if user is no longer valid
  • New keys can be generated on-demand
  • Can integrate with existing user directories

How does Zero IT Activation work?
Zero-IT activation automates the DPSK generation and client device configuration steps. When a user connects for the first time, the user enters his/her username/password and downloads a configuration file for their machine. The user runs the configuration file, and Zero-IT configures the client machine with a WLAN profile, including a unique PSK. Zero-IT prepares the machine to re-connected to the correct network.

Role-Based Access
In conjunction with Zero-IT Activation and DPSK, Ruckus provides a straightforward way to apply roles to each user, granting access to WLAN policies and VLANs according to the user type. By granting access based on user roles, IT staff can extend specific permissions to users based on wired network design and policy.  The ZoneDirector seamlessly integrates with an existing user database, such as Active Directory, Open Directory, OpenLDAP, or eDirectory to determine a user’s role assignment.

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