Post Installation WiFi Survey

Wireless Survey Map

Performing a post installation WiFi survey is the ONLY way to prove the initial wireless design meets with your initial requirements. If your wireless network supplier did not perform a post installation verification survey for you then you do not know if you received what you paid for.

Using a tool survey such as AirMagnet Survey PRO will clearly show you the WiFi coverage of each wireless access point, allowing you to see that wireless coverage has been provided in the areas that you requested.

Performing a "Post Installation Survey" is part of DigitalAir's four steps to a successful wireless network deployment:

Survey - Design - Implement - Survey

Performing a wireless survey on either an existing or new wireless network is a great way to baseline your wireless performance. As the environment in which your wireless network exists is forever changing.

If you would like more information about a post installation WiFi survey, then please give us call or use the contact us page.

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