Wireless Network Security Testing

Are you looking for peace of mind with your wireless network security? DigitalAir's security tests are designed to give you a detailed report of the current status of your wireless security level.

Our tests are bespoke to your requirements and can be performed in two ways:

Full Corporation

Full Corporation means that we will run all tests in assistance with your IT staff. All test we be tailored to your specific business needs and will concentrate on security weaknesses that you believe your business suffers from. We will test from outside your wireless network and from within. Results have shown that 80% of network intrusions are from within the network itself.

Unassisted testing

Unassisted testing means that you will allow us to security audit your wireless network and report back to you with the results. This can often be the first line of approach as it reflects a true environment for a possible intruder to your network.

  • Wireless LAN Detection
  • Rogue Access Point detection
  • Frequency scanning
  • Packet capture
  • Encryption analysis
  • Social Engineering

Your Security Report

Your final report will include a detailed explanation of the results and recommendations of the security tests undertaken. It will be broken down into plain English for IT staff and management to fully understand. The report will be in three sections:

  • Tests that were performed and why.
  • Detailed results from tests.
  • Future security recommendations.

What tools will be used by our team?

Unless you require us to use any specific tools we will be using the tools of the preferred hacker, as these tools tend to be freely available on the internet. We will also be using industry standard professional packet capture and analysis software for detailed examination.

If you would like more information in our wireless security testing please give us a call or use the contact us page.

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