Leased Line Replacement

Leased lines are often very expensive to install, with high operating costs. Unless you already have fibre connected to your building then you will need to get fibre installed from the nearest point of presence (PoP), this involves digging a trench and laying an armoured glass fibre cable between the 2 locations.

The costs of doing these civil works be over £100 a metre in city locations. Urban areas require road closures, permits, traffic control, and repair bills to existing infrastructure such as drains. Therefore, the capital expenditure required for a wireless bridge is a fraction the cost, saving time and budget.

Wireless bridges we can offer;

  • Gigabit Full Duplex connectivity
  • Multi-mile connectivity
  • 5 Nines availability (99.999% uptime)
  • Gigabit Links from under £10,000 fully installed
  • Rapid deployment
  • Fully supported and licenced

We offer a variety of wireless bridges to match requirements, delivering the most cost effective solution for our customers.

Recommended Gigagbit Wireless link


SIAE MICROELETTRONICA wireless bridges provide carrier grade gigabit wireless, suitable for mission critical installations and offering minimal licencing fees.

We are able to provide these links fully installed from £9,995.

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