Retail Wi-Fi

Retailers today need every competitive advantage available to. In-store WiFi providing customer analytics, location based services, and social WiFi marketing are the keys to engaging customers while they're in your store and ready to convert.

With Wi-Fi, you can;

  • Capture Demographics & Target Customers
  • Convert Browsers into Buyers
  • Detect In-Store positions
  • Create a Multi-Channel Brand Experience
  • Send targeted promotions
  • Enhance Location-Based Offerings
  • Assist Shoppers with Navigation
  • Improve Inventory Management
  • Enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Detect footfall and trends

Location Based Services

The ability to capture new customers and keep existing customers by delivering more value is essential within the continued growth in all customer-facing industries. Wi-Fi location analytics (LBS) systems allows customers to connect through on-site Wi-Fi and opens a direct channel of communication that enables retail centres and alike to better understand and deliver what customers want. Whether this is to look at the location analytics for dwell time and footfall or to push marketing based on location and user behaviour.

When retailers more effectively engage customers, they can:

  • Increase loyalty of existing customers, reduce cost of acquiring new customers, and extend the relationship with current customers
  • Provide a more attractive relationship with new customers by providing them with a personalised experience not available through competitors
  • Increase point-of-sale opportunities by providing key information at critical decision points in the purchase process
  • Reduce potential for show rooming by co-opting perceived online pricing advantage while the customer is within a location
  • Increase customer satisfaction by helping them make a decision more aligned with their needs

By better understand how customers actually behave while on site, Wi-Fi location services helps maximization and use of any floor plan. With this improved insight, retailers can:

  • Determine the most trafficked location to position or price products or services
  • Adjust venue layout to optimise traffic flow in periods of high use
  • Adjust venue layout to place goods or services along most used pathways
  • Staff service locations to accommodate customer flows and time of day
  • Evaluate impact of floor plan adjustments

Retail Wi-Fi Location Solutions


RetailOne arms retailers with powerful new capabilities to better understand customers behaviour. Retailers want to gather the same data that online retailers gather, at their brick-and-mortar shops. In-shop analytics enables brick-and-mortar shops to gather the same in-sights, including; window conversion rates, average engaged customer time, repeat visits and more.

Ruckus SPoT

Ruckus SPoT combines unique advantages, such as being completely cloud-based, and offering higher accuracy and performance more cost-effectively. No new hardware required when applying to some existing Ruckus installations.

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Cisco CMX

The Cisco Mobile Concierge solution enables venues for the first time to engage with customers in a targeted contextual manner through their mobile devices within specific venues

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