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DigitalAir specialise in providing the education sector with wireless access for teachers, students and visitors. Providing a wireless network in such a complex environment is no simple task. Hundreds of teachers, thousands of students and visitors all add up to a complex network with diverse security requirements.

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Mobility is a key element for healthcare organizations to meet their quality, productivity and patient safety objectives. The ability to receive actionable clinical information regardless of location and react and communicate in real-time is required for the adoption of EMR/EHR applications.

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Warehousing can be a competitive, low-margin business, and in today’s turbulent economy it is especially important for warehouses to deliver a high level of performance while keeping costs low. Your customers are increasingly in a position to demand accuracy, timeliness, and zero damage for every order.

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Hotels, Cafe's and Bars are faced with an increasing demand for guest and visitor connectivity throughout the entire premises; guest rooms, restaurants, lobbies, outdoor areas. Having the ability to offer an internet access service will give you the opportunity to increase your visitors.

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Manufacturing can be extremely competitive and in today’s turbulent economy it is especially important for manufacturers to improve the quality of their products whist keeping their manufacturing costs to a minimum. Therefore it is even more important to get value for money when looking to deploy an enterprise WLAN.

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Fans expect their mobile experience to be as good as—if not better than—their experience on the way to and from the event. There is an increasing need for stadiums and arenas to provide the seamless and reliable connectivity necessary to address these needs and the emerging business opportunities associated with event and venue specific applications.

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City Centre

With the mass adoption of WiFi enabled mobile devices we all are demanding WiFi coverage wherever we are and this is driving demand for WiFi in public areas. High streets, public parks, shopping centers and public transport will all have pervasive coverage in the near future.

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Retail Analytics

The ability to capture new customers and keep existing customers by delivering more value is essential to continued growth in all customer-facing industries. Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences allows customers to connect through your onsite Wi-Fi and opens a direct channel of communication that lets you better understand and deliver what your customers want.

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