Ruckus Networks Education Promotion

4th September 2017

Education pricing on Ruckus Wireless Access Points and Free cloud licences when you buy 6 or more ZoneFlex's.

Looking to install a new wireless network, or upgrade your existing infrastructure? DigitalAir are able to offer Ruckus Wireless hardware up to 40% off RRP, and are including Free Cloud Licences to the Cloud Ruckus management platform (ZoneManager).

About Ruckus Wireless Access Points

Ruckus indoor and outdoor access points are centrally-managed, multimedia Wi-Fi APs capable of extending Wi-Fi signals two to four-times farther than competitors offerings. The ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi AP series utilise an integrated, miniaturised smart antenna array that continuously steers Wi-Fi traffic over the best performing signal paths, automatically avoiding interference and obstacles. This enables unmatched and unprecedented Wi-Fi reliability. Unique Ruckus ChannelFly dynamic channel management combines with adaptive antenna interference mitigation techniques to automatically choose the channel that delivers the most network capacity.

A few extra points to understand why Ruckus Wireless are the No1 Education Wi-Fi network vendor:

  • Consistent, reliable connectivity that no other Wi-Fi vendor matches
  • Two to four times the coverage using fewer access points
  • Low packet loss and high RF performance
  • A safer environment with less interference, through "eco-friendly" adaptive signal
  • technology system self-healing capabilities
  • *Now with Gigabit Ethernet switches added to their portfolio

About Managing Ruckus Networks in the Cloud

ZoneManager is a carrier grade cloud-based network management controller that comes with every CloudCoded licence, delivering a set of carrier grade wireless LAN features. It completely removes the need for a physical on-site controller and enables old and new Ruckus Wireless access points to be managed from the cloud.

Some of the many benefits of managing Ruckus Networks in the cloud is to provide multi-site management, simplified user interface, scalability, automatic feature updates, compatibility with existing access points and minimal capital expenditure.

And the best thing about the management platform, it is free for education establishments for their first year when buying 6 or more access points!

Want to speak to an representative? Fill out the form below or call 01202 612 400.

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