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11th May 2017

The latest Wi-Fi promotions from DigitalAir Wireless for Q2. Don't miss out on your opportunity to get a Free Wi-Fi survey, Free Wi-Fi health check, Free Ruckus Wireless demo kit or Free consultancy.

Wi-Fi Demo Kit

Applying for a Wi-Fi demo kit is the first step to installing a killer coverage wireless network.

DigitlAir are offering a FREE Wi-Fi demo kit to compare Ruckus Wireless against other manufacturers that you may be considering. We are confident enough that the Ruckus Access Points will blow you and the competition away.

Ruckus is known around the world for its Wi-Fi performance.

Get in touch to request your demo kit.

Wi-Fi Health Check

You don't want your Wi-Fi catching a cold, are you in need of a Wi-Fi health check? During Q2 DigitalAir is offering free health checks* Terms and conditions apply.

Our WiFi site surveys are an invaluable tool in diagnosing problematic wireless networks. From wireless network dropouts, discovering hidden nodes, frequency interference, WiFi rogue access points and many more hazards to wireless networks, we can ensure that your wireless network starts to perform.

Performing a wireless survey on an existing wireless network is a great way to baseline your wireless performance. As the environment in which your WiFi network exists is forever changing, performing a wireless health check can highlight RF issues before they become a problem.

  • Poor Performance / Throughput
  • RF Interference
  • Find WiFi Rogue Access Points
  • Locate Dead Spots
  • WiFi Security Weaknesses
  • WiFi Client Connection Problems
  • Free Wi-Fi Survey

You don't know how your Wi-Fi is going to perform unless you have a Wi-Fi survey! The Wi-Fi site survey is the most important step in building a reliable WLAN network.

DigitalAir Wireless Wi-Fi surveys provide;

  • Detection, measuring and recording of Wi-Fi Interference
  • Optimum location of Wi-Fi access points with channel selection and reuse
  • In-depth report on discovered wireless complications such as, reflection, refraction, multipath, hidden nodes and dead spots
  • Coverage guaranteed network design
  • During Q2, DigitalAir are providing free Wi-Fi surveys to new customers. terms and conditions apply.

Free Wi-Fi Consultancy

You understand your job, we understand Wi-Fi, so speak to us and we will discuss your network. Call us on 0800 310 2050 for free consultation.

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