NX Gateway – Converged Wired And Wireless Network Access Control

20th July 2017 – Written by Joe Budnar-Hunt

Struggling to offer a secure and flexible guest, staff and BYOD Wi-Fi solution? Tired of constantly configuring switch ports for wired devices? Providing connectivity services to Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU)? The DigitalAir NX Gateway is here to help! Whether you are looking for a simple guest data-capture function or you’re wanting to onboard your managed office customers, both wired and wireless via 802.1x/AD, our NX Gateway is the perfect solution for onboarding, securing and managing your networks’ client devices.

The DigitalAir NX Gateway is a fully supported & trusted Network Access Control (NAC) solution. Boasting an impressive feature set including a captive-portal for registration and remediation, centralised wired and wireless management, powerful BYOD management options, 802.1x support & layer-2 isolation of problematic devices; the NX gateway can be used to effectively secure networks small to very large in size.

Components Architecture

components architecture

With a simple out-of-band operation, the NX gateway allows your network to scale geographically and be more resilient to failures. When using the right technology (like port security), a single NX Gateway can be used to secure hundreds of switches and thousands of nodes connected to them.

Authentication & Registration

802.1x Support - Wireless and wired 802.1X is supported through a FreeRADIUS module which is included in the NX Gateway. PEAP-TLS, EAP-PEAP and many more EAP mechanisms can be used.

Registration of Devices – The NX Gateway also supports the use of splash pages similar to your typical "captive portal" solutions. Contrary to most captive portal solutions, The NX Gateway remembers users who previously registered and will automatically give them access without another authentication. Of course, this is configurable. Acceptable Use Policies and T&C’s can be enforced so that network access cannot be granted, without users first accepting it. Authentication methods included are SMS, Email, Predefined Username and Password, Sponsor-Based Registration & Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.)

Example Splash Pages

Splash page

Compliance & Administartion

Remediation Through a Captive Portal – The NX Gateway supports several isolation techniques, including VLAN isolation with VoIP support (even in heterogeneous environments) for multiple vendors.

CLI and Web-Based Management - Command-Line and Web-Based management for all tasks. Web-based administration supports different permission-levels for users and authentication of users against LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory.

If this product is of interest, or you would like a free consultation and a quotation for a managed service with flexible payment and duration options please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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