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What is MU-MIMO? How does it work and why do I need it?

11th October 2016 – Written by Joe Budnar-Hunt

What is MU-MIMO? How does it work and why do I need it?

The 3 Deciding Factors of Warehouse Coverage

5th October 2016 – Written by Iain Vipas

Specialising in enterprise deployments, warehouses and manufacturing plants count for a lot of the business I speak to and meet. In this competitive market, the client device technology used is rapidly improving to help increase productivity. With options for tablets, RF "guns", wearable scanners, and even automated vehicles, the need for a future proof and resilient wireless infrastructure can be the basis for profitability.

The future for Wi-Fi - The prediction - Securing Wi-Fi

27th September 2016 – Written by Mark Julier

I’m often asked by customers and vendors what I think the next big thing will be to emerge from the Wi-Fi industry and whilst I don’t have a magic ball to fall back on I do have over 10 years in the industry to see what has been done and what is left to do..

Brocade named a leader as a WLAN Infrastructure Vendor

23rd September 2016 – Written by Carl Chapman

Congratulations Brocade on being recognised as the third highest market presence on the IHS Technology WLAN Infrastructure Vendor Scorecard - 2016.

Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router 60GHz

9th September 2016 – Written by Mark Julier

Yey... Its that time again! The time when the smaller manufacturers start to bring out the new standards (Pre Standards) within Wi-Fi access points in an effort to grab some market share over the larger.  I first witnessed this  around 2006 with G+ and "Super G" access points which were an early attempt at getting more speed out of 802.11g access points.

Increasing warehouse productivity through Wi-Fi performance.

7th September 2016 – Written by Mark Julier

In todays’ competitive warehouse market it’s all about productivity, the faster you can move product in and out of the warehouse typically the more products you can handle.  Gone are the times when pickers would use pen and paper to record a pallet or product with advances in technology over the last 10 years now seeing pickers using hand held scanners, “voice to pick” and wearable technology to increase productivity.

What all these technologies have in common is their critical use of Wi-Fi for communication and it is why ensuring that the Wi-Fi is operational 24/7 is one of the easiest way to maintain high levels of throughout, productivity and ultimately profitability.

Ruckus Wireless expands wave 2 portfolio with the H510

1st September 2016

The ZoneFlex H510 is a converged Wave 2 802.11ac AP and Ethernet switch in a compact and discrete wall-plate form-factor. It enables multiple wired and wireless connectivity options with a single Ethernet cable drop. Featuring multi-user MIMO support, H510 delivers reliable, best-in-class Wi-Fi performance using BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology to adapt to mobile client device location and orientation.

Connecting Multiple Sites using Wireless Bridge Links on a Business or Industrial Park

4th August 2016 – Written by Allan Law

A common request from IT managers for companies is to link multiple buildings together on a business park or industrial park. The requirement can often be to extend the network LAN of the server at a main office and/or provide good internet connectivity to buildings that have none or very poor service.

On-Demand Webinar: Secure Device Onboarding for School Networks

2nd August 2016

In this webinar, Cloudpath Product Marketing Richard Nedwich, walks through the unique challenges facing IT regarding Wi-Fi security, client on boarding & user authentication.

Expanding the options for Wave 2 with the R510 & T710

5th July 2016

802.11ac has promised us a lot: faster data rates, more efficient use of RF spectra and transmission to multiple clients in the same instance. Now, 802.11ac's full promise has come in the Wave 2 products. But, have we reached nirvana yet? No. To fulfill the 'ac' promise, all the right elements need to be in place.

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