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Things to note when using Link Planners

Link planners: “Used to plan your point to point link on a PC so you have a good idea of what’s going to work, with what availability to expect and with what throughput”.

Wireless and Home Automation

26th September 2017 – Written by Iain Vipas

Since the start of the year, I have noticed the increase in enquiries from people looking to implement a home automation system. The idea being, to centrally control their many entertainment systems, lights, heating and in some cases security and window blinds, around the home. When it is first implemented, they see the shiny apps on their tablets and mobiles, and the possibilities of doing everything from the sofa while having a lazy duvet day unfolds in front of them.

It is here! The 10 Gbps E-Band Outdoor Wi-Fi Bridge promising to disrupt the market

15th September 2017 – Written by Carl Chapman

We are pleased to see the third generation of E-Band Wi-Fi bridges arrive from SIAE Microelettronica. Their ALFOplus80HDX is looking to be a serious contender as the go to for Carrier and Enterpirses backhaul solution.

Half Duplex Vs Full Duplex - What is it, and why does it matter?

5th September 2017 – Written by Peter Cronshaw

I wanted to write about something that I get asked often here at DigitalAir and for this, I’m going back to my early CWTS days before I was unleashed on to an unsuspecting world. I’m often asked what it means to the overall performance of wireless bridging. 

Ruckus Networks Education Promotion

4th September 2017

Education pricing on Ruckus Wireless Access Points and Free cloud licences when you buy 6 or more ZoneFlex's.

Spatial Streaming Explained

27th July 2017 – Written by Iain Spooner

Spatial streaming or multiplexing (often shortened to SM or SMX) is a transmission technique used in MIMO wireless communication to transmit independent and separately coded data signals, so called streams, from each of the multiple transmit antennas. This results in the space being reused, or multiplexed, more than one time.

Siklu EtherHaul - 600 Series

So here we go again. Another blog on another great product from Siklu. The 600TX is the big brother to the 500TX. It boasts up to 1Gbps throughput in a millimeter wave frequency at a very attractive price point. It’s also worth mentioning this is a carrier class product. It’s IP67 and recent tests indicate it has a mean time between failure of 113 years!

The GIS Box!

14th June 2017 – Written by Sam RogersSales Consultant

That’s what we affectionately call them here in the office. The Guest Internet Solution Box from Guest Internet Solutions of course.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the IIoT

1st June 2017 – Written by Iain Vipas

Since the latest “Industrial Revolution” dubbed 4.0 back in 2010-11, IoT (Internet of Things), or more specifically in this instance IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), has boomed over the last few years, and on a daily basis, we are contacted by companies looking to incorporate IoT based ideas. As a result of this constant increase, we come across lots of new solutions for businesses with new and improved challenges. 

5Gbps! - Siklu Etherhaul EH 5500-FD

25th May 2017 – Written by Peter Cronshaw

I remember, like with most technology, being in awe at the specs first time around but retrospectively having a good’ol laugh at myself for doing so. Building a new PC with the dizzying heights of 5Gb HDD internal storage that at the time was the peak of what you could get your hands on, unless you worked for Nasa. Now, couldn’t even house a tiny slither of my music collection.

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