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The next big demand on your gyms Wi-Fi - Wearable tech

17th November 2016 – Written by Carl Chapman

Wearables if you didn't already know are taking the market by storm, either your members are wearing smart watches that read their heart rates, head phones with built in body coaches or full body readers to detect muscle utilization and exertion, I can guarantee you wearables are already inside your gym.

We are at BETT Show 2017

The BETT show is an annual trade show in the United Kingdom that showcases the use of information technology in education. The BETT show returns to the ExCeL Centre on 25-28th January 2017.

Industries first 5Gbps Microwave Link to market – Siklu EH-5500 5Gbps

31st October 2016 – Written by Allan Law

The SIKLU EH-5500 is the first 5Gbps full duplex fixed wireless point to point link to market.

Tackling Warehouse Freezer Areas

Warehouses can be challenging environments for Wireless Access Points at the best of times but once you start looking at installing into Freezer and Chiller areas, conditions get even tougher!

V Band 60Ghz UNLICENSED Point To Point links

For many short point to point backhaul deployments the 5Ghz frequency is used and quite often, rightly so. The solutions are readily available, often easy to deploy and the price of the link is often attractive. On top of that you can achieve speeds upwards of 700mbps with the latest 802.11ac chipsets. There is one issue… Because they are so good everyone uses them.

What is MU-MIMO? How does it work and why do I need it?

11th October 2016 – Written by Joe Budnar-Hunt

What is MU-MIMO? How does it work and why do I need it?

The 3 Deciding Factors of Warehouse Coverage

5th October 2016 – Written by Iain Vipas

Specialising in enterprise deployments, warehouses and manufacturing plants count for a lot of the business I speak to and meet. In this competitive market, the client device technology used is rapidly improving to help increase productivity. With options for tablets, RF "guns", wearable scanners, and even automated vehicles, the need for a future proof and resilient wireless infrastructure can be the basis for profitability.

The future for Wi-Fi - The prediction - Securing Wi-Fi

27th September 2016 – Written by Mark Julier

I’m often asked by customers and vendors what I think the next big thing will be to emerge from the Wi-Fi industry and whilst I don’t have a magic ball to fall back on I do have over 10 years in the industry to see what has been done and what is left to do..

Brocade named a leader as a WLAN Infrastructure Vendor

23rd September 2016 – Written by Carl Chapman

Congratulations Brocade on being recognised as the third highest market presence on the IHS Technology WLAN Infrastructure Vendor Scorecard - 2016.

Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router 60GHz

9th September 2016 – Written by Mark Julier

Yey... Its that time again! The time when the smaller manufacturers start to bring out the new standards (Pre Standards) within Wi-Fi access points in an effort to grab some market share over the larger.  I first witnessed this  around 2006 with G+ and "Super G" access points which were an early attempt at getting more speed out of 802.11g access points.

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