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Expanding the options for Wave 2 with the R510 & T710

5th July 2016

802.11ac has promised us a lot: faster data rates, more efficient use of RF spectra and transmission to multiple clients in the same instance. Now, 802.11ac's full promise has come in the Wave 2 products. But, have we reached nirvana yet? No. To fulfill the 'ac' promise, all the right elements need to be in place.

Wireless Dead Spots - What are they? and how to combat them

Wireless dead spots are easy to locate if you stroll around your building, apartment, or office. Once you’ve found them, you can experiment with a variety of solutions and fix whatever is causing the problem.

Planning a Point to Point Bridge

So Ladies and Gents, this is my first go at blogging about something technical. Wish me luck! I have been at DigitalAir Wireless for just over 5 months now and my eyes have been opened to big wide world of wireless, more recently I have been dropped into the sub-world of Wireless Bridging so I thought in an effort to enlighten others into what is required when planning a Point to Point wireless bridge I would document what I’ve picked up in this blog.

Ruckus Unleashed - High performance networking, at an affordable price point!

Geared towards small and medium businesses (SMBs), Ruckus Unleashed™ Access Points allow you to provide the same high-quality Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi, without the cost of purchasing a dedicated WLAN controller. In order to help owners grow their business, deliver an excellent customer experience and manage costs while supporting Wi-Fi and a variety of mobile devices with minimal IT overheads, Ruckus Unleashed access points have built-in controller capabilities such as; user access controls, guest networking functions, advanced Wi-Fi security and traffic management, allowing for the quick and simple deployment of a high performance and resilient network within minutes. Ruckus Unleashed networks are designed to handle up to 25 access points and 512 simultaneous client connections and rather than having a dedicated controller to manage your wireless network, as you\\\'ll find in most enterprise-grade AP networks, the first Ruckus access point connected to your wired Ethernet network instead, acts as a controller for any others you may connect. Any access point can be configured as either a passive member of the group, its primary master or as a standby master in case the primary master loses connectivity. As businesses grow to multiple sites or a larger scale deployment, Ruckus offers an easy migration path to controller based Wi-Fi, allowing uses to leverage their existing Unleashed investments to seamlessly upgrade to the ZoneDirector and SmartZone management platforms.

NEW JOB: Sales Executive Poole Based

18th April 2016

DigitalAir Wireless Networks are the No1 Wi-Fi networking specialists in the UK and we are proud of it! Our strategy is simple, recruit the most talented people in the industry and allow them to fulfil their potential. We are seeking talented service desk/help desk professionals to join our team of talented engineers.

Cloudpath Comes to Ruckus

Just recently Ruckus Wireless acquired Cloudpath. This Blog explores a little about what CloudPath is and why it's important.

New Fastback Liberator Radios Advance Carrier Class Millimeter Wave

18th February 2016 – Written by Carl Chapman

Available from DigitalAir Wireless, the Liberator V1000 dual port builds on the most widely deployed V band radio worldwide with more functionality and flexibility, and sustaining high capacity. With a compact form-factor for city deployment on street furniture, the V1000 dual port offers more channels and longer range, plus a robust polycarbonate antenna radome tolerant of extreme weather conditions.

Beginners Guide to Coverage vs Capacity for WLAN Designs

11th November 2015 – Written by Iain Vipas

The idea for this blog came from a recent headache from a company looking to overhaul their current infrastructure. Currently using cost effective access points, they were looking for a solution that would cover more area (due to experiencing black spots) with half as many access points. After a lengthy discussion they seemed to get the idea that this is not quite how wireless works. But how does it work? Why upgrade from an entry level access point to an enterprise grade product if you going to have to buy a similar number of access points?

The Internet of Things IoT is promising to change the way we live

16th September 2015 – Written by Carl Chapman

The Internet of Things IoT is promising to change the way we live. 'Internet of Things' is the amalgamation of things or better worded objects, which contain electronic sensors and wireless network connectivity without the need for human interaction.

Wireless Technology Overview Part One

18th August 2015 – Written by Carl Chapman

This blog posts starts of a series of wireless technology overview posts which will delve deeper and deeper into wireless technology expanding on particular technologies and their benefits.  This starting post covers a top technology overview of point to point, point to multipoint, Wi-Fi and antenna tracking systems.

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