Gigabit Wireless Links

Gigabit or GigE wireless links are currently the fastest connections available on the market and will provide you with a gigabit Full Duplex Ethernet connection. Think of running a fibre cable between your two locations and this is the connection and speed you will receive.

Why consider GigE wireless

  • Operation cost for high-speed GigE wireless is inexpensive
  • Time to install wireless is much shorter
  • Want alternative technology for primary and/or backup link
  • Want control of their network
  • Fibre-like performance without the cost and delays of implementing fibre

GigE Wireless Links

  • Avoid construction and fibre-leasing delays
  • Significantly outperform copper-based alternatives
  • Eliminate recurring leased-line transmission charges
  • Build-in capacity for future applications
  • Own your infrastructure

We can provide a variety of licensed and unlicensed gigabit wireless links to suit your needs.

Gigabit solutions


Providing leading edge products built with the latest technology requirements and ready for future network applications. SIAE bring more than 60 years experience and innovation to provide the most suited optimised network solutions.

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airFibre Wireless

1.4+ Gbps, aggregate throughput that uses the unlicensed 24Ghz frequency. To put this in perspective, airFiber can transmit a 100 MB file in less than a second. Rivaling common broadband providers, airFiber download speed is up to 100x faster.

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Ceragon Networks

As the world’s leading wireless backhaul specialist, Ceragon Networks ensures that mobile and fixed-line carriers, as well as private network operators have the transmission capacity to reliably deliver the voice and premium data services that we all rely on.

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A leading supplier of gigabit RF connectivity solutions for service provider, government, military and enterprise applications. Extend network operator fiber to provide high-capacity access and backhaul, and extending enterprise LANs between sites.

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GeoDesy Laser

Geodesy-FSO offers the most comprehensive range of Gigabit Ethernet products on the FSO market from off-the-shelf compact systems to flexible modular devices. Installed within a day, a laser link can expend your ethernet network with ease.

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Sub10 Systems

Point-to-point data links in the 60GHz unlicensed band, supporting short range applications up to 1km with 100Mbps, 320Mbps and 1Gbps Full Duplex. The signal absorption by oxygen and the narrow beam width allows for high spatial reuse and high security.

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If you would like more information on a Gigabit Full Duplex Wireless link then please give us a call or use the contact us page.

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