DigitalAir Satellite Broadband Solutions

DigitalAir has a variety of business satellite broadband solutions for any size business and requirement. If you are tired of a slow connection because you are too far from your local exchange then our solution is perfect for you.

Satelite Broadband



Typical applications are

  • Broadband connection for remote or rural areas
  • Business continuity or backup broadband
  • Events, Marine, Disaster Recovery/Back-up, Temporary & Mobile solutions
  • Special events such as festivals




Service Comparison



Download Speed


Upload Speed


Monthly Data

DigitalAir 6meg   6mbps   1mbps   4Gbps
DigitalAir 8meg   8mbps   2mbps   8Gbps
DigitalAir 10meg   10mbps   2mbps   13Gbps
DigitalAir 10meg+   10mbps   4mbps   25Gbps


If you would like more information about a Satellite Broadband Solution please use the contact us page or give a call.

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